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The cutting-edge technology of ‘Digital Smile Design’ at York Place…

Dental Surgeon Stephen Gibson has a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry with the aid of Digital Imaging. He strongly believes in minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry using techniques which remove little or no healthy tooth tissue. As a result he is highly skilled in cosmetic composite bonding, using a number of advanced systems which allow the rebuilding of a tooth in the same manner it was formed in nature. Such fillings allow instant results with no lab waiting times, good durability and excellent aesthetics.

‘Digital Smile Design’ provides us with a fantastic tool to carefully plan almost any potential changes to your smile. From simple dental photographs taken before the start of treatment, bespoke templates on Stephen’s computer are used to calculate the possible changes. This information can even be used to produce a virtual smile makeover on a photo… all this before any real teeth have even been touched!

“Having worked on a number of joint orthodontic / restorative cases with Dr Gibson, I can say that his composite and bridge work is of the highest  standard. His attention to fine detail is outstanding. It is great to work with a colleague capable of producing these kind of results.”

Dr Paul Scott
BChD, MFGDP(UK), MFDSRCS(Eng), MSc, MOrthRCS(Edin), FDSRCS(Eng) Consultant / Specialist Orthodontist

Case Study by Stephen Gibson


Computer Aided Design


For more information on digital smile design please contact us on 01937 583 028 or email us at

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